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Rather than give you a long laundry list of what we do at Avitt Automotive, here are the highlights:


If there is a repair you need, we can likely help.


We also will do our best to make sure any necessary repairs aren't already covered by your vehicle's factory warranty!


We are looking out for YOU!


Mechanical Repairs

  • Engine Repair / Replacement

  • Clutch Repair / Replacement

  • Steering and Suspension Service

  • Transmission Repair / Replacement

  • Differential and Transfer Case Repairs / Replacements

  • Timing Belt Replacement

  • Heating and Air Conditioning Repairs

  • Driveability Diagnosis (Engine running rough, transmission not shifting properly, etc.)

  • Brake Repair / Replacement

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Electrical Repairs

  • Battery Testing / Replacement

  • Starting and Charging System Diagnosis 

  • Computer Diagnosis (Check engine lights, ABS lights, etc.)

  • No Start Diagnosis

  • Lighting Replacement / Repairs

  • Computer Programming / Updating

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